Empower your team with the program that will transform their lives and strengthen your company culture.

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Live the L4P experience in four workshops taught by the master Eduardo Massé.

L4P focuses on the most precious asset:

«To achieve an improvement in culture, engagement, revenue, morale, productivity and collaboration while creating a space where minds can be happy and grow, we must learn to enable communication and support.»

When I wrote this philosophical thriller...

“When I wrote this philosophical thriller, I wanted to convey what I understand to be the true meaning of life. I did it through a beautiful story that I called The 4 Parchments, where you will find a teaching that every leader, every person, must implement on their way to personal transformation and self-knowledge.
With the same intention, because I know that the best way to learn is to teach, it is that I want you to learn, apply and practice, and with your example, we can enlarge that virtuous circle and that together we share the knowledge that is delivered to Zoe, the protagonist. , with the best of all intentions; to transform the world one heart at a time. I invite you to share with me this knowledge that will transform your life.”

Eduardo Massé

«It motivates you to be an example of and for others to become the leader that everyone wants to emulate and follow»

El financiero

«A program that transforms their lives and strengthens the business culture»


L4P Corporate

Duration: 4 months | 4 workshops of 4 hours each

Participants: 20 to 50 participating leaders

WORKSHOP 1: Life Choices


Designed to teach and promote among the leaders of the organization and the rest of the tribe, to identify the causes that keep them motivated to stay and be part of a greater good in the organization, thus increasing their level of commitment, productivity and performance. .


• To identify and define which are the basic pillars of each leader and member of the organization • To define how to align your personal pillars with the pillars of the organization
• To identify your personal and work purpose
• To choose what you want and cultivate what you choose.


• Duration: 6 hours

• Deliverable 1: Autographed special edition book

• Deliverable 2: Workbook.

WORKSHOP 2: Applied Wisdom


Change begins at home, change begins within. A space of recognition, acceptance and introspection that helps the participating leader to question himself and invites him to redefine his mission, vision and objectives both personally and professionally.


Explore personal virtues such as love, respect, communication, admiration, knowledge, forgiveness, questioning, and self-communication
To rescue the most valuable of your character, identifying with simple tools your sense of belonging, character as a leader and commitment to a greater good.
Prepare a manifesto of personal and labor commitment DETAILS:

• Duration: 6 hours
• Deliverable: Workbook

WORKSHOP 3: Self-commitment


The most powerful force that moves the world is love. The activity that pays the most to the human being is to contribute. A leader who has perfectly identified the relationship of his motivation and is able to align it with the benefit of helping others is the leader who is worth cultivating in the organization.


To identify the force that motivates you to be an example of and for others and become the leader that everyone wants to emulate and follow
Identify the force that gives you meaning every day in your personal and work life.
Transform yourself and others into the exemplary leader capable of inspiring
Identify the force that motivates you to achieve your personal and work goals DETAILS:

• Duration: 6 hours
• Deliverable: Workbook

WORKSHOP 4: Integrating the whole


The leader needs the leader to transform. The sense of tribe and belonging is the beginning and the basis for building a team that is committed to the mission, vision and objectives of the company where it is possible to land that sense of greater good that identifies the organization with its team.


• To choose to choose, working as a team, promoting the tribe and the culture of your organization. • To implement a life aligned with your virtues.
• To identify love as the driving force that motivates you every day.
• Being a practitioner of altruistic selfishness, in order to be and give the best of yourself.


• Duration: 6 hours
• Deliverable: Workbook
• Deliverable: Certificate of participation