What is?

ELITE is a program designed to exponentially increase the level of communication and productivity of the organization’s leaders by applying the fusion of science, technology and analytics. Based on the latest research and discoveries in the science of human behavior change and our experience, ELITE manages to increase the level of commitment, communication, satisfaction, performance and productivity of the entire leading team of the company. It is a scalable program at all levels of the company.
Supported by our digital platform ZÖE, and the development of digital neuroplasticity, our program allows us to generate analytical information in the form of real and effective indicators that, week by week, allow us to monitor and qualify the level of engagement and integration of leaders and the rest of the participating team.

How does it work?

Once a month, a 6-hour face-to-face workshop is held that is supported by daily interaction participation from Monday to Thursday on the Zöe platform. Fridays are survey and grading days.


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Sessions: 6 face-to-face (6 hours each)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • ZÖE use: Monday to Thursday
  • No. of participants: 18 to 24 leaders
  • Initial impact: from 180 to 240 collaborators
  • Includes one workbook per level per participant
  • Digital monitoring platform; ZÖE
  • Request presentation

Face-to-Face Mentoring

Personal work approach

Neutral digital plasticity

Monthly weekly analytics

Integration with the entire company

Recognition cultural promotion


    Level 1. PURAIBASHI (Getting to know each other)
    • The science of happines
    • Uncertainty
    • Stress
    • Flow state
    Level 4. MIMOTO (Identity)
    • Gaining consciousness
    • Sick/healthy model
    • The longevity paradigm
    • Neuroinduction


    Level 2. IKIGAI (Reason for being)
    • Altruistic selfishness
    • The goals
    • The 4 pillars


    Level 5. KANSHA (Thanks)

    • The tribe
    • The hero’s journey
    • Gratitude



    Level 3. KENSHIN (compromise)
    • Gaining consciousness
    • Sick/healthy model
    • The longevity paradigm
    • Neuroinduction


    Nivel 6. WABI-SABI (Acceptance)
    • Stock Exchange
    • Code of virtues
    • Empathy map